Here at CW Group we have built our reputation on providing top quality services to commercial and residential customers 
Here are just a few of the many services we offer: 
Commercial Cleaning 
Domestic Cleaning 
Contract Office Cleaning 
Full Building Cleaning 
CW Group provides services to building, construction and maintenance companies to clean up after new builds, renovation or extensions. 
We clean all buildings comprehensively from top to bottom, so that they can be occupied immediately. 
CW Group use only the best equipment to work on site and are trained in the safe removal of hazardous waste, if needed. 
Environmental Cleaning 
Commercial Window Cleaning 
At CW Group we can provide window cleaning for commercial premises of any height. 
Solar Panel Cleaning 
Working on building roofs is subject to strict health and safety regulations, so cleaning solar panels is often very challenging. 
We have extensive experience and are skilled in cleaning and gaining access to roofs and solar panels safely. 
Carpet Cleaning 
Office Cleaning 
Glass Roof Cleaning 
All glass roofs are subject to strict building regulations, although they do tend to be difficult to clean and refurbish. 
We have extensive experience and we are skilled in cleaning and gaining access to these roofs. 
Velux windows, skylights, solarium roofs, foyers of commercial premises and domestic conservatories quickly become dirty. 
All of our high-level window cleaning is done with the upmost safety to ensure no danger is caused to members of the public, staff members or ourselves. 
We have the facility to use any or all of the following: 
Water-fed poles system 
Hydraulic platforms 
Rope access 
Cradle Systems 
Prior to any high-access window cleaning work, we will need to carry out a full Health and Safety review to ensure that we are not at any risk in undertaking the job. 
Upholstery Cleaning 
Garden Maintenance 
Commercial Kitchen Cleaning 
We provide deep kitchen cleans to hotels, pubs, restaurants, schools, care homes and many different types of commercial premises, both locally and nationally. 
We'll clean ovens, grills, deep fat fryers, fridges and floors. 
Everything can be steam-cleaned in your kitchen, leaving your kitchen germ-free, smelling fresh and most importantly within the health and safety guidelines. 
We aim to provide our deep kitchen cleaning services without any or minimal interruption to your business. 
We can work out of hours or at specified quiet times that suit you. 
If requested, we can provide a certificate and photographic evidence for all kitchens or extractor hoods that we clean. 
If you are looking for a Duct Cleaning service in Gloucestershire, then look no further. 
Our Air Flow service covers all aspects of Ducting Maintenance, whether it is a small kitchen extraction duct or large hospital air conditioning system. 
We provide a complete clean from the Air Handling unit all the way to the Air Extract. 
CW’s Air Flow service offers the following: 
Cleaning of all aspects of Ductwork 
Cleaning and surveying of Fire Dampers 
Cleaning and surveying of Air Handling Units 
Installation of Access Panels 
Cleaning and surveying of Chiller Units, Air Turns, Air Grills, Opposed Blade Dampers 
Fogging Sanitation 
We will provide a FREE inspection before commencement of all works. 
Full Risk Assessment Service Available 
All ducting operatives are employed by Air Flow directly and we are a privately-owned company. 
All of our staff are trained to a high standard, each achieving a minimum Grade 2 EU Training qualification in ducting maintenance. 
Biological Testing 
National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) – Air Flow can carry out an approved NADCA test to test for dust quantity within your ducting. 
DIFCO H - Air Flow can carry out a DIFCO check to analyse bacteria and fungi levels within the ducting. Bacteria can cause many illnesses within the workplace, more commonly known as sick building syndrome. 
Video Surveying 
Air Flow can provide video surveys using remote controlled cameras inserted into the ducting to check on the levels of cleanliness. 
Prevent the risk of fire now. Get your kitchen canopy and ducting deep cleaned by our fully trained staff. 
High Gutter Clearing 
Gutters direct rainfall away from buildings to protect the outer skin of the property together with the foundations. 
Gutter cleaning helps avoid costly repairs and roof damage. 
Gutter systems should be ideally thoroughly cleaned twice a year. 
CW Group use the Omnipole GutterVac system™ which revolutionizes the method in which gutters are cleaned. 
The Omnipole Gutter Vac is fast to setup and is supplied with both a commercial head and a domestic head to allow the cleaning of different size gutters. 
Driveway Pressure Washing 
Graffiti Removal 
Removing graffiti can be very problematical. No matter how hard you try, in the majority of cases a non-specialist will fail to remove stubborn graffiti, and as a result the appearance of a building may be permanently defaced. 
CW Group use safe and bio-degradable chemicals to ensure that the surface is returned to its original condition. 
Our graffiti removal products are far more successful than standard paint removers. 
Paint removers and graffiti removal products that have a strong solvent content are particularly bad for the environment. 
Regardless of the surface, our graffiti removal products will remove the graffiti for you in a very short time, without damage to your property. 
Deep Cleans following fire and flood damage 
CW Group provide the following fire damage services: 
Fire damage cleaning 
Smoke damage cleaning 
Smoke odour control 
Fire Damage Restoration 
Soot /Carbon Removal 
Carpet Cleaning 
Fire/Smoke Damaged Debris Removal 
Emergency Board-ups 
Pressure Washing 
We can also provide full water damage restoration services as a result of a flood at your home or property. 
Pumping-out water quickly so that you can salvage your belongings. 
Sanitisation and Fan Drying. 
Correct decontamination. 
If your home or property has suffered from water or flood damage, we are here to help. 

CONTACT CW GROUP If you are interested in any of these services, please call us now for a quotation, or complete the enquiry form below.  

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